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Industrial Partners        


Eskom Holdings SOC

  • Eskom is a South African electricity public utility, established in 1923. The utility has 44 GW installed generating capacity and provides approximately 95% of electricity used in South Africa.
  • Primary sponsor of the ATProM Research Unit.
  • Access to plant design and operational data. 
  • Working directly with subject matter experts.
  • Supported by the Eskom Research and Testing Department.
  • Experienced engineers are given the opportunity to study with the Unit.



M-Tech Industrial

  • Direct link to developers for support using Flownex.
  • Employees funded by M-Tech Industrial to join the Unit for studies.



John Thompson Boilers

  • John Thompson is a division of ACTOM (Pty) Ltd with its principal focus on being a global leader in energy and environmental solutions through value engineering and innovation
  • Boiler design and evaluation capabilities using state of the art lumped parameter heat transfer modelling, two-phase flow network analysis, CFD and data analytics. 
  • Expertise to do industrial and utility boiler operational assessments using a variety of tools including gas analysers, suction pyrometers, video based thermography and manometers with pitot tubes for static pressure or velocity traverses.



GP Strategies Corporation

  • Developer of EtaPro and Virtual Plant which is used in Eskom to monitor power plants. 
  • Access to developers when using software.  




CFW Fans

  • Local fan engineering company with the capacity to provide technical guidance when building apparatus for industrial plant. 
  • Access to laboratories and workshops for testing. 




  • Combined expertise of a group of engineers with years of practical and consulting experience in computer aided engineering.
  • Provides access to expertise for utilisation of ANSYS Solutions for application to power plant models.


Consortium Partner 


Eskom Power Plant engineering Institute

The Eskom Power Plant Engineering Institute (EPPEI) provides world-class training and research to improve the power plant industry. There are 8 Specialisation Centres at 6 South African partner universities.
EPPEI fosters a dynamic relationship between industry, academia, including universities and universities of technology and the postgraduate student to ensure that there is a balance between applied research that is relevant to industry and research that has academic merit.

EPPEI encourages the involvement of industry partners in research and innovation. Industrial partners interested in getting involved should contact the EPPEI consortium via any of the consortium partner universities or the consortium management team.