Engineers doing the FNB12ONE Run

23 May 2018 - 08:30
Students at the FNB12One Run
Students and Staff at the FNB12One Run

- Willie le Grange 

On May the 20th, at around 5:10 AM I heard a ringing going off. I wondered why on earth would I set my alarm on a Sunday morning. A morning where the majority of "Capetonians" spend their most precious minutes warmly snuggled in comfy beds. It hit me, the FNB Onerun is today. It is a yearly event, sponsored by FNB where Capetonians get the chance to run 12km through Cape Town.

Approximately 15 000 people showed up for the race this year, and guess what - ATProm's Engineers showed face. We did not only show face but conquered. Five of us ran the race, myself (Masters student), Priyesh Gosai (ATProm coordinator), Excellent Gwebu (Phd student), John Clark and Geoff Raikes (both Masters students).

The race started at Woodbridge Island, followed Marine drive right into the city, and continued into the company gardens where it ended in Bree Street, CBD. The race also had a 100m sprint, where one can obtain discount if ran under a specific time. We quickly made a calculation and realised that not even a post graduate student running to a possible job interview would be fast enough to get the discount.

Running the Onerun had significance due to the fact that ATProm's engineers believe in a healthy and balanced lifestyle. In other words, run every Monday, work on your thesis the rest of the time and pitch up for a race two to three times further than your normal training distance and, like they say in simulation terms "run" it.

Fortunately, all of us finished. Two of us finished it under an hour, which is mightily impressive, and the rest under an hour and 20 minutes. "All" the training paid off. After the race we ended up meeting fellow Eskom engineers and as the engineers we are, started talking about interesting projects which we are working on. All and all it was a great success where each of us felt accomplished and a sense of pride for representing ATProm in numbers. We are looking forward to the next race where we can again apply our biweekly training session.