ATProM students awarded at this year’s Eskom Power Plant Engineering Institute student workshop.

21 Aug 2018 - 09:00
Rob Temlett, Jean-Pierre du Preez, Priyesh Gosai, Professor Pieter Rousseau,Daniel Louw (Stellenbosch), John Clark, Geoff Raikes

The fifth EPPEI student workshop was held between the 14th-15th of August 2018 at the Eskom Academy of Learning. The workshop provides the opportunity for the students from the 8 intakes from EPPEI to present their results from their research to the larger Eskom community. This provides an opportunity for interaction between the students in the different intakes, as well as to receive feedback from relative stakeholders from the EPPEI management. This feedback from the EPPEI stakeholders ensures that the EPPEI program continues to provide Eskom with value from the research being done by the students.

This year five students from the ATProM research group presented at the workshop. All the students presented the work that they had done for their master’s projects. Robert Temlett supervised by Prof. Pieter Rousseau, presented on the dynamic modeling of the HPS2 CSP molten salt test facility. Daniel Louw supervised by Dr SJ van der Spuy, presented on the investigation into the effect of wind on fan performance in an ACC. Geoff Raikes supervised by Hennie Mouton & A/Prof Wim Fuls, presented on the furnace exit gas temperature measurements using acoustic pyrometry. John Clark supervised by A/Prof Wim Fuls, presented on the modelling of a steam turbine stage-by-stage using a nozzle model with minimal geometric inputs. Jean-Pierre du Preez supervised by Prof Pieter Rousseau, presented on the steam temperature and flow maldistribution in super-heater headers.

There were two major highlights from the EPPEI workshop for ATProM:

  • John Clark's presentation was complemented by the session chair for having a research topic that can have a direct influence in the division he works in on the power plant, which is turbine engineering.
  • Three ATProM students won the best presenter award for the given session that they were in. These three students were Robert Temlett, Geoff Raikes and Jean-Pierre du Preez. To put this into context this means that ATProM students won every session they were in and thus won three out of the nine presentation sessions. All in all, a very good showing of the quality of work and students that ATProM are producing.

This research that the students presented was enabled through the Eskom Power Plant Engineering Institute (EPPEI), which established the Eskom Specialisation in Energy Efficiency at UCT in 2012 which was accredited as the Applied Thermofluid Process Modelling Research Unit in 2017.