ATProM awarded at PowerGen Africa 2018

24 Jul 2018 - 14:45
Priyesh Gosai receiving award

PowerGen Africa is an industry driven conference which aims to bring together stakeholders in the power sector. This year, a paper from UCT titled "A methodology for quantifying anomalies which lead to capacity limitations on induced draught fans" was recognised as the first runner up in the best paper awards. The paper was authored by Priyesh Gosai, Rendani Khobo, Professor Pieter Rousseau, Pravin Moodley (Eskom) and Ravendra Govindsamy (Eskom) based on the work being done by Rendani for his master’s. 

The topic was identified through close interaction with Eskom Subject Matter Experts. In resource constrained operating environments, power utilities need to understand the benefits of intended repairs and where necessary prioritise efforts during outages. The aim of this tool is to aid plant engineering practitioners to quantify the effect of plant anomalies on the induced draught (ID) fan. Using this tool it is envisaged that the impact of anomalies can be ranked or in some cases faults diagnosed based on their impact on the ID fan. 

The model developed uses the Flownex Simulation Environment to model the flue gas path through the boiler. It is linked to a pre-configured Virtual Plant model that forms part of the EtaPro Performance Monitoring Platform used in Eskom for plant diagnostics to model the steam cycle. Combustion calculations in the boiler are done using the Boiler Mass and Energy Balance developed by Eskom and rigorously verified through this project. The paper presented the results for two cases: one for abnormal leakage in power plant air heaters and for operating conditions where condenser pressure deteriorates. 

This research was enabled through the Eskom Power Plant Engineering Institute (EPPEI), which established the Eskom Specialisation in Energy Efficiency at UCT in 2012 which was accredited as the Applied Thermofluid Process Modelling Research Unit in 2017. The award was presented to Priyesh Gosai who presented the paper at the conference.