Adding some Coal-fired Power Plant Energy at the 16th International Heat Transfer Conference in Beijing China

27 Aug 2018 - 08:30

The field of study in heat transfer is so broad. It ranges from numerical modelling, to novelty laboratory experimental work and eventually to practical industrial scale heat transfer. Most of the work presented in academic conferences focuses on laboratory work. In this year’s 16th International Heat Transfer Conference (IHTC-16) which was held in Beijing China, a PhD candidate from the ATProM Research Unit was presented with an opportunity to add some coal-fired power plant energy to the conference. The candidate presented a paper titled “Development and validation of a process model for a superheater heat exchanger in a coal-fired power plant boiler”. This paper focuses more on the modelling of industrial scale heat exchanger equipment. Each person in the conference was given two minutes and two slides to present their project in an elevator pitch style to cultivate interest in their work. Then, each presenter was given two hours to present their poster to interested conference delegates. This arrangement worked well especially in cases where language barrier was an issue.

The advantages of attending large international conferences like the IHTC-16 is the opportunity to meet new people who you can learn from and establish future working relationships with. In addition to the delegate mingling sessions, IHTC-16 went a step further and arranged a Young Researchers Meeting (YRM). In this YRM, young researchers were given a further chance to mingle and form new friendships. From the judgment of the event, the young researchers managed to get along very well. This YRM was held at the Tsinghua university which is one of the leading universities in China and around the world.