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Current Students

PhD Students 

Excellent Gwebu

Development of a model for a boiler superheater

Gary de Klerk 

Turbine quenching modelling

Patrick Akpan

Modelling CO2 emissions during transient operation

Willem van der Meer

Boiler Furnace Modelling

Master's Students 

Jean Pierre du Preez

Thermofluid model of a superheater header

Rendani Khobo

Quantifying the impact of plant anomalies on the ID Fan.

John Clark

Low load operation of boiler feed pump turbines

Nicolaas Hallat

Development of a test rig for testing fouling in feedwater heaters


Alton Marx

Turbine modelling 

Cheriska Polton 

Superheater attemperation control

Rushavya Naidu

Dynamic modelling of a combined cycle plant

Daniel van Tonder

Boiler feed pump leak off modelling

Preetha Sewlall

Water system modelling

Thobile Tyeke

Modelling a superheater header

Yashveer Maharaj

Machine learning on a feedwater system

Heeran Heerlall 

Analysis of Station Thermal Efficiency Programme (STEP)

Brad Rawlins 

Dynamic modelling of boiler components

Rashid Hafferjee

Process modelling methodology for an Air Cooled Condenser 

Onekai Rwezuva

Solar augmentation of boilers




Lethuthuka Vilakazi

Measurements for a superheater in a coal fired boiler


Daniel Louw

Modelling an air cooled condenser in CFD


Carl Kohrs

Development of a test methodology for a cooling tower packing test facility


Andani Sivahe

CFD modelling of air cooled condenser under adverse conditions

Lehlongonolo Phogole

Development of methodology for performance testing of cooling tower fills. 



Louis van der Westhuizen

Condition monitoring using control system data