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Current Students

PhD Students 

Abasiafak Udosen 

Thermal Storage in Coal-Fired Power Plants for Operational Flexibility Enhancement Using Phase Change Materials

Alton Marx 

Power Plant Analytics 

Brad Rawlins 

Boiler ROM Development

Colin du Sart 

A Methodology for Thermofluid Design and Simulation of sCO2 Concentrated Solar Power Plants in Southern Africa

Gary de Klerk 

Turbine quenching modelling

Jacques Matolla 

Transient thermofluid modelling of a biomass-fired hybrid steam boiler

Priyesh Gosai 

Whole boiler dynamic process model for a two pass subcritical coal-fired power plant


Master's Students 

Heeran Heerlall  

Analysis of Station Thermal Efficiency Programme (STEP)

Kai-Yu Feng 

Network-based process model of a once-through boiler furnace circulation system and radiant superheaters

Michael Ross 

Dynamic Steam Turbine Modelling

Onekai Rwezuva  

Solar augmentation of boilers

Rashid Hafferjee  

Process modelling methodology for an Air Cooled Condenser

Renita Raidoo 

Exploratory investigation into the application of deep learning to power station analytics: forecasting of plant performance and anomalies

Stephen Tangwe 

A methodology to evaluate the performance of air source heat pump water heater via thermofluid and artificial neural networks

Thobile Tyeke  

Modelling a superheater header

Andani Sivahe  

CFD modelling of air cooled condenser under adverse conditions

Carl Kohrs  

Development of a test methodology for a cooling tower packing test facility



Luwaca Wandile 

Fleet wide control loop performance monitoring