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Class of 2017

Robert Temlett

Dynamic process modelling of the HPS2 solar thermal molten salt parabolic trough test facility

Gerto Prinsloo

Online boiler convective heat exchanger monitoring: a comparison of soft sensing and data-driven approaches


Class of 2016

Willie le Grange

Component development for a high fidelity transient simulation of a coal-fired power plant using Flownex SE

Geoff Raikes

Temperature reconstruction and acoustic time of flight determination for boiler furnace exit temperature measurement

Nikki Basson

Studying water-wedging as a cause for short term overheating in the boiler of a coal-fired power plant


Class of 2015

Colin du Sart

Design and prototyping of a test facility to investigate the transport properties of dilute phase gas-particle flows applicable to coal-fired power plants


Class of 2014

Roelof Pottas

A row-by-row axial turbine process model based on a one-dimensional thermofluid network approach

Whitney Monnaemang

A zonal model for radiation heat transfer in coal-fired boiler furnaces

Andre Kellerman

The development of boiler control models for the optimisation of boiler efficiency

Naeem Tootla

Investigation into methods for the calculation and measurement of pulverised coal boiler flue gas furnace exit temperature

Andre Rossouw

Boiler system modelling using Flownex®


Nazier Allie

Thermal modelling of feedwater heaters

Richard Banda

Modelling of the deaerator system in Flownex

Class of 2013

Rudzani Mutshinya

Asymmetric flow measurement in space constrained cooling water ducts using a traversing probe

Rahendra Neerputh 

Development of appropriate steam turbine models in Flownex

Mu'Azzam Kippie

Improvements to a key contributor of frequency control : the co-ordination of guide vane operation in a pumped storage plant

Excellent Gwebu

Transient boiler heat exchanger thermal behaviour analysis

Matete Thakaso

Development of a performance-based high pressure feed water heater model for Flownex SE

Calvin Mathebula

Application of process data reconciliation in power plants

Class of 2012


Priyesh Gosai

Viability assessment of enhancing dry cooling systems using thermal storage ponds

Steven Mortlock 

Optimum time to refurbish a boiler feed pump at Eskom's power stations

Lean Meyburgh

Simulation of a power station's condensate pumping system in view of improving its efficiency

Sulaiman Bapeekee


Determining internal leakages of high pressure and temperature steam valves

Anthony Govender 

Techno-economic feasibility of a solar assisted coal power plant