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PG-Dip in Power Plant Engineering
ATProM has contributed to the development of the curriculum making up the Postgraduate Diploma in Power Plant Engineering. Find out more about a qualification purpose-built for engineers working in the power industry.


Rising energy demand and the imminent threat of climate change are critical issues in society. Many energy conversion processes are a result of thermofluid systems to provide electricity, heating and cooling. The Applied Thermofluid Process Modelling Research Unit (ATProM) have expertise in modelling these systems. Such models can be used to evaluate novel renewable energy technologies, improve the efficiency of existing plant and develop new monitoring techniques which contribute to condition based maintenance.

Models are built using tools available in industry. Tools such as CFD, the one-dimensional network approach or a combination thereof are used for modelling thermofluid systems. Cutting edge advanced analytics techniques such as machine learning and AI are used for data driven model order reduction. The combination of these capabilities enable the development of accurate and computationally inexpensive numerical tools applicable to industry needs. 

The ATProM Research Unit was established as the Eskom Specialisation in Energy Efficiency  through of funding provided by Eskom. This was enabled by the Eskom Power Plant Engineering Institute (EPPEI). Through this collaboration Eskom has enabled the development of power plant process engineering practitioners using research and course based training programmes.